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In Ancient Times, Hundreds of Years Before the Dawn Of History, Lived an Ancient Classic Rock Band, Vinyl Tap. No-One Knew Who They Were Or What They Were Doin' But They All Got Drunk Regularly And Had A Bloody Good Time So Things Couldn't Have Been All That Bad......

!!Latest News!! After a Long Break Vinyl Tap are back once more, The Original Spinal Tap Tribute Band are once again scaring audiences - for more information see our new site at

In the meantime we'll leave this site as it is as it's been here for ten years now and we like the nostalgia - All the best Eddie

Who are they?
The Band members
The Set List
Spinal Tap
Oh hello! I'm Marti de Berghi, I'm a producer, I make adverts. The one where the little dog chases the covered wagon under the sideboard? - That was mine.
Oh! and of course the now legendary documentary, if you will rockumentary, about Britains loudest band Spinal Tap.

Well, since the Break Like the Wind Tour things have been a bit quiet on the Tap front, so when I heard that a Tribute Band appropriately named Vinyl Tap were in town I leapt at the chance to experience the sights, sounds and the smells of a hard working band on the road, and when I found that the members were none other than Eddie Van Rental, Randy Thodes, Rick Pastitt and Deep Pimple's Ian Paicemaker then things seemed almost as good as they were when I first saw the real Tap in a little club in Soho called the Electric Banana - don't look for it it's not there any more.

For me Vinyl Tap re-define the word rip off, I was overwhelmed by their exuberance... their power... and their punctuality.
But Hey! Enough of my yakking! Waddaya Say - Let's Boogie!!

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