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Rick Pastitt

Rhythm Guitar : Voyeur, Poseur, Oldeur Than Anyone else

Sadly No Longeur With Us

The Definitive Old Man of Rock, Rick was born sometime in the late Jurassic Period and his exploits in the primordial swamp that was the early days of Heavy Rock are well recorded. He formed the gargantuan Monster band of the seventies Dated Quo and toured the world and elsewhere playing three chords at extreme volumes through duststorms of dandruff. In the middle eighties Rick and the other Founder member of Dated, Francis Fossil, left the band and were replaced by look a likes who have since steered the band into the OAPs Party Music Genre, their latest single, a medley, "Knees up Mother Brown/Now get them out again" sadly not doing well in the charts.

Rick, however, stayed true to his hard rocking ideals and so when Randy and Eddie were looking for a guitarist for VT, Rick was the ideal choice. This was mainly because Rick was down and out and dossing in Randy's Mum's shed and she needed to get her washing line out, so the Legend of Rick Pastitt was re-born.

Sadly Rick decided to retire at the beginning of this year "I just can't face playing for another Millenia" he stated...

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